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02 January 2019 @ 11:11 am
Membership is currently moderated.


DO NOT reupload, redistribute, or modify without permission.
DO NOT share direct links outside of the comm.
DO NOT steal or claim as your own.
DO NOT retranslate without permission.


If you're already mutuals with me (sacchanxd), just join and wait for approval, no need to leave a comment.
If not, leave a short comment* here introducing yourself and restating the rules.
Livejournal accounts ONLY.
Please remember to click "join this community", otherwise there's nothing for me to approve.

Edit: Cause there seems to be A LOT of people who forgot to click join and/or comment, I will be rejecting requests that are made without comments and might ignore comments posted without clicking join cause it's really easy to miss. Sorry.
*comments are screened
The second part of the Mou Hitori Oruoru segment with Dean Fujioka. Also timed by matsu09. You can find subs for the first part of this segment here.

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Long time no sub! Here's a Shabekuri cut of the Johnny's group, 4U.! If you're unfamiliar with them I suggest you check them out cause they're awesome and I love them. These dudes are hilarious and they deserve more screen time and exposure.
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The awesome matsu09 asked me if I'd translate her timing of Dean Fujioka on Chronicle's Oruoru segment so here it is! <3

What is up with Nishikido and farts? LMAO
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Worked with sakamichistation and dasasugirusubs for this one! Kinki walked around and visited some trendy high school girl hangouts with Hiragana Keyakizaka46.


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